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Why, hello there. This is your body header speaking. How are you today?
Greetings, Specimen. You have reached the Mental Institution of Creative Insomnia, otherwise known as the Asylum of artist, designer and photographer, miss Cat D Gerwig. Do enjoy your stay.
Teehee.. This be a pic of Miss Cat, alright. Doesn't she look adorably monstrous? Worry not, she's an artistic maniac, I assure you.
You have found yourself discovering the Studio of Miss Cat D Gerwig, Creative Insomnia. Congratulations, for you have stumbled upon something horrifically magnificent.
The hospital is presently down for heavy reconstruction, but fret not! Feel free to connect with artist, designer and photographer, Miss Cat D Gerwig, via one of our more familiar means of contact, locatable to you on your right. If your interests run along more professional lines, then please select one of the Resume links following below. Thank you always, and Miss Cat will be looking forward to hearing from you soon…
Courtesy of Creative Insomnia. ...Meow.
A teleportation device to the HTML - otherwise known as Online - version of Miss Cat D Gerwig's magical Resume. Yet another teleportation device to the PDF - otherwise known as 'Portable Document Format' - version of Miss Cat D Gerwig's dramatically awesome Resume.
Miss Cat Gerwig posing as 'TwiztedWhisperz' on Twitter Miss Cat Gerwig posing as 'MyCreativeInsomnia' on Facebook Miss Cat Gerwig posing as 'DeliriumRetrospect' on Tumblr Miss Cat Gerwig posing as 'MissCaitlinGerwig' on Google+ Miss Cat Gerwig posing as 'DeliriumRetrospect' on Instagram Miss Cat Gerwig posing as 'Midnight-Specks' on DeviantArt Miss Cat Gerwig as 'TwiztedWhisperz' on Wordpress Your only online access to Miss Cat's personal Ted Talk profile, complete with listings of her favorite lectures and the excrements of her notes against talks she found insuperior for various logical reasons. Heh.. ..Enjoy. Feel Free to Contact Miss Cat Gerwig Directly by Email