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Meep.Studio OfUhg.Header: Temporary Rollover LogoThe ability or power to create plus the prolonged inability to get enough sleep equalling the otherwise productive means of sleep loss = Creative Insomnia
Meow. Evident Photographic ApplicationImplemented Illustrative ConceptionConstructive Compositional DesignList Archive here. Meh. I’m so lethargic right now, can’t this tedium just be done already... ..Meow.
Embrace the eccentricity and envelop the rationality, for intellectualism is limitlessThe art of cosmetic pigments, paints, dyes, bleaches and how to keep everything working at the highest quality, vividly and safely. I reveal you, all my own methods of cosmetic application and maintenance. The art of inventing edible awesomenessThe results of my research-junkie-esque tendenies upon my fascination with the elements that influence and involve life, death, psychology and anatomy
The Official Newsreel for Miss Cat D Gerwig’s Creative Insomnia and creatively insomnic pursuits. ... Ta Da!
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! I know that a handful of May’s Phoenix-Based First Friday Creatives have been waiting to see these, so it’s my greatest pleasure to finally publicize them. 72 Photos of pure ’First Friday’ awesomeness. Do enjoy!1 [Click thumbnails for Full View]

Copyright & Terms of Use:
Each and every individual photograph within this gallery is protected under copyright; © 2015 Cat D Gerwig and her Studio of Creative Insomnia.
These photos may be downloaded and re-posted under the circumstances that:
1. The watermark graphics and watermark urls are not to be removed from any of these photos under any circumstance; whether that be via photoshopping, other photo-editing, covering, cropping and/or all other comparable actions.
[If you desire to crop one of these pictures for something such as a profile picture or an instagram post, just let me know and source me and my website in the comments. I’m usually pretty chill about that sort of thing, so long as I know where to find it.]

2. These photos are not to be used on any professional, personal or external artist websites beyond basic social networking profiles and pages [Example: Okay Use: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Google-Plus || Not-Okay Use:]
3. These photos are not to be used for any non-profit product production [Example: Flyers, business cards, hand-outs, free merchanidise and/or all other comparable items]
4. These photos are not to be used for any pro-profit product production or anything making or promoting a direct sale [Example: Stickers, Shirts, product tags, paid or un-paid advertisements, and/or all other comparable items and uses]
.....Unless granted special permission. If you take interest in licensing any of these photographs for any of the uses listed above, do feel free to contact me directly via my Contact Form. I’ll be sure to respond to your message as soon as I have received and reviewed it. Thank you.

Otherwise, putting aside all the scary words that basically just say you’re bound to be hunted down and considerably annihilated if you perform any of the actions listed above without permission, [Teehee. ..I kid, I’m only dangerous in retrospect] know that I had a ton of fun meeting, networking and shooting all of you. I’d be happy to do it again some time.

Keep an eye out, because I never stop arting.
More of Miss Cat’s epic doings in Photography. WooT.

The Official Newsreel for Miss Cat D Gerwig’s Planet Earth Mission Log - Full Content
It was an awesome evening in Phoenix Arizona’s First Friday event, last night, and I’m all too happy to have been there for the first time in far too long. The art scene seemed a little lacking, but musicians were everywhere, which is always perfectly okay with me and my camera. It was great meeting all of you, and with my passion for in-show photography, it was even-moreso my pleasure to shoot you. Somewhere within the next 2-4 days, my First Friday shoot will be edited, processed and publicly1 posted. Once live... Read More…
More of Miss Cat’s breathtaking and undeniably exciting evidence regarding her latest adventures while on Planet Earth..
So here we are. May 1st of 2015, on the edge of that deathly season called summer, and the completion date of Miss Cat D Gerwig’s official main-site Studio Asylum, ’Creative Insomnia: Online’.1 …I could not be more satisfied to finally have this project ultimately wrapped up and publicly released.2 Several multi-tasking months and countless sleepless nights since the beginning of our decidedly daring implementation & ultimate recomposition of said online studio, and it looks like the mass foundation of our publicly explicit madness is difinitively complete and ready to finally pay off. Having learned and compiled a profuse amount of knowledge, inspiration and experience through my independent efforts to scheme, undergo and conclude this project, this website was build for expansions, and that’s entirely how I intend to use it. I present to you... Read More…
Latest Activity Strictly Relative to Miss Catt’s maniacal doings in Digital Design

Feeling delirious yet?¹

Please enter the teleportation device to be sent to Miss Cat’s interstellar Mission Log, furthermore consisting of all human public-friendly material regarding her temporary stay here while on Planet Earth. Do indulge.A Mission Statement of art, culture, vanguardism and philosophy to the human inhabits of Planet Earth..

NOTE: All article footnotes can be found in their rightful, individual pages. Do click the article title for such access. Thank you.

1 If you find yourself experiencing feelings of unease, claustrophobia or discomfort, panic not; these are perfectly normal side-effects associated with exposure to this type of environment.

Phoenix Arizona's 'First Friday' in Action, May of 2015
[P.S: Would you like to be sourced for all of your awesomeness, in this gallery? Send me by a message via either my Contact Form or any of my Social Networking profiles, stating which photos you’d like to be mentioned in and how you’d like to be sourced. Heads up, there’s a counter in the bottom-right corner of the lightbox gallery that keeps track of the photo-numbers. I’d be more than happy to add your name and your website/profile/page link in the header comments of each picture you posed for. If you do decide to re-post these pictures, I would be most appreciative if you would reciprocate that action by mentioning my own name and website URL in your posts. We all deserve a little credit for our work, after all, so let’s work together. Thanks for being awesome.]

2 P.S.S.: Next time, you should all have stage lights present, so I can shoot some better pics of all of you! Shooting in dead-darkness is quite a challenge, my friends, hehe, and can always leave pictures turning out so dreadfully granular.. ..But I pulled as much light as my camera could offer, so HuZZaH for that much! ..Nonetheless, bring on the light!! I’m looking forward to it.
3 P.S.S.S: A part of my soul dies every time I have to degenerate beautiful RAW photographs into nasty, compressed file formats - in this case, JPG’s. *shudder* I won’t deny that these pictures hurt me, compared to the originals,hehe.. ..But uuuuaaaahhhhg, I hope some better file formats will be browser-supported in the not-so-distant future, I beg of thee...
4 P.S.S.S.S: ..This blog-post gallery design makes me cringe, hehehe. ..Don’t worry, though, I think I know exactly how I’m going to design it for future galleries, so all in due time. Guess I’ll just have to suffer through it, for now, hehe.... *PerfectionismWithdrawals* All in due time.....
5 ..Ramble, ramble, ramble. ..Yeah, you heard me. ..Teehee.
'Courtesy of Creative Insomnia,' or so we say in this land of the sleepless-strange.
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